What if your entire network were on a browser map that when you clicked on a part of the network a database popped up and you could update any pertinent information? That's what we've done! It's simple, it's inexpensive. This is for the end user and its as simple to use as surfing the internet! Here's how it works!

  1. FSI maps your network. This means locating your network resources including building a database that describes each component. While doing this FSI fixes, cleans and labels your network putting it in good working order.

  2. We build a Geographic Information System using all the data we collected. This GIS becomes the foundation for your facility. If your facility has a GIS department you may wish to manage this yourself, if not we take care of it for you.

  3. FSI takes the GIS and publishes it to your Desktop browser. These data include active server pages that give you direct access to the information using your browser. 

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